The Beard of an Iris, Raleigh, NC.

Hummingbird in Raleigh, NC.  




June (2014)

The Raleigh Room, Sertoma Arts Center.

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Everyone should paint. Painting is like the ocean, it taps into the eternal, all-knowing, plane of living.
— Father, (Don Quiett)
Painter   Don Quiett  , (My Dad)

Painter Don Quiett, (My Dad)

Me,   Oak Island, NC.

Me, Oak Island, NC.

Photography is my painting, and it is a lot like poetry. Only, a photograph doesn’t carry meaning in the same way words literally do. Photography is a visceral essence.
— Daughter, (Me)

The Intersection of Painting and Photography

'A Father-Daughter Journey Through Art'


  Macro Photograph of a   Don Quiett   Painting. 

Macro Photograph of a Don Quiett Painting. 




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